Owner banned after horse lost an eye

  • An owner, whose pony lost its eye after impaling it on the tree it was tethered to, has been banned from keeping horses for a year.

    The animal, called Bertie was found by RSPCA inspectors in Cottingham, in East Riding of Yorkshire, in March.

    James Smith, of Eppleworth Caravan Site, near Cottingham,was banned from keeping horses for a year after pleading guilty to causing unnecessary suffering at Beverley Magistrates Court on Wednesday 18 September.
    The pony’s eye was ruptured and had to be removed by vets.

    Horse before - credit Joe Murphy RSPCA

    “Bertie suffered immense pain and distress as a result of the way he was tethered. If he had been tethered in a correct and safe fashion, this injury would never have happened,” said RSPCA inspector Hannah Bryer.

    “He was in a terrible state when I got there. He had an injury to his right eye, which was bleeding. He was at full stretch in an attempt to get away from the tree he was tethered to, with the neck strap tight to his head. He had his head down and was shaking.

    “His eye couldn’t be saved but Bertie has adapted well and is settling into a new home.”

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