Abandoned foal reunited with his giant teddy friend

  • Remember Breeze, the rejected foal who took comfort from a giant teddy bear?

    The now three-year-old star of that viral picture has been reunited with his old friend once more at the Mare and Foal Sanctuary.

    The orphaned Dartmoor Hill Pony was only a few hours old when he was brought in to the Devon rescue centre in 2013.

    His mother had abandoned him and he required round-the-clock care. Buttons, a huge stuffed bear, was brought in to help keep him company.


    Today, Breeze has grown up into a handsome young pony, who is to star in the sanctuary’s 2017 calendar.

    Staff say that although he looks sweet and innocent, he can be cheeky and a bit naughty like any youngster.

    Buttons the teddy bear has remained at the sanctuary, where he has been helping other orphaned foals since Breeze grew up by providing comfort and companionship.

    “When we reunited Breeze with Buttons we could see how pleased he was, there was a lot of sniffing and licking, then Breeze decided to give Buttons a tour of his new stable and carried him around by his ear,” said deputy yard manager Nicola Anstey.

    “They then snuggled up together and Breeze snoozed the afternoon away.”

    “Consistent handling and regular training has helped to control Breeze, but our staff still have to keep an eye on him,” added yard manager Tracey Dixon.

    “He’s really thriving in the open spaces of North Devon, he’s also settled into a large herd and spends hours playing with the other youngsters.

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    “Eventually, when he’s ready, we’ll look for a new home for him. We couldn’t be prouder of how far he’s come.”

    For further information on The Mare and Foal Sanctuary call 01626 355969, visit its website or follow on Facebook.

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