Olympic tickets left for dressage, but jumping and eventing sold out

  • A further 2.3m Olympic tickets will be available in the London 2012 second round of ticket sales — but those hoping to see our equestrian stars in action are set for further disappointment.

    Tickets for the showjumping and eventing are listed as having no availability, while dressage tickets have ‘low availability’. Those hoping to secure dressage tickets can attempt to do so later this month — the second round sale will begin at 6am on 24 June. The first 10 days of sales will be exclusively open to people who applied in the initial application phase.

    Applicants who received tickets in the first round of sales will also get another chance to purchase tickets in the second round, from 6am on 8 July until 6pm on 17 July.

    Demand massively exceeded supply in popular sports and sessions, especially at weekends. The organisers of the Games received 22.5m ticket requests, and as a result of the high demand for popular sessions, over a million people were unsuccessful.

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