“Official for the Horse” to head BHS

  • The British Horse Society has announced the appointment of Graham Cory, the current Defra “Official for the Horse”, as the it’s new chief executive.

    Pat Campbell, chairman of the BHS, outlines the reasons behind Cory’s appointment: “With his oversight of the horse industry, his political knowledge, and his appreciation of the grass roots rider, Graham Cory has the right mix to ensure the society continues its healthy period of growth.”

    Cory says he welcomes the new challenges that he will face in the role.

    He says: “One of the major issues will be to consolidate the position of the BHS as the leader in its field, and to ensure that the society offers its members the services they want, and at the standard they want it.”

    Mr Cory believes the most significant challenges facing the equine industry in the immediate future include the live export of horses for slaughter; equine passports; and insurance, which has reached punitive levels for some equestrian centres and riding schools.

    He was hesitant to comment in detail about the consequences of the Deloitte report, published in March, which highlighted some of the major concerns about the industry.

    “It is quite clear that one of the main focuses will be co-operation in the industry and the Deloitte report served to highlight this,” he told HHO. “The member bodies of the BEF all have something to offer, and the industry needs to work together to capitalise on this.

    “The Minister and the department have emphasised the need for the industry to work more co-operatively, which is the message which I will carry across with me. However, it isn’t as simple as carrying across a soundbite.

    “I will be working proactively to provide the BHS with a strong and dynamic leadership, and as we head towards the 60th anniversary in 2007, I relish the opportunity to continue the work of my predecessor.”

    Cory replaces former BHS Chief Executive Kay Driver, who has moved to the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals after holding the position for three years.

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