Number of female farriers on the rise

The number of female farriers is rising sharply, according to the latest figures from the Farriery Registration Council. Between 2006 and 2013, there has been a 70% increase in female farrier registrations, set against an 8% increase inoverall UK farriers registering.

This has been reflected by record numbers of female farriers entering the Royal Bath & West Show (29-31 May). The show hosts the finals of the British Farrier and Blacksmith Association National Championships, and although no women will contest this, the Bath & West Shoeing Championships will field unprecedented numbers of female competitors.

Champion female farrier, Sarah-Mary Brown, has entered several classes at the Royal Bath & West.

“There are far more girls around now than there were when I started,” said Sarah-Mary. “They love their job, even though it is hard, and it’s great to see more female farriers entering competitions.”

Alan Lyons, show manager at the Bath & West said that the increase was particularly welcome on the 150th anniversary of the show — England’s biggest agricultural event.

“Nothing is more fitting than to celebrate this talented uptake with these exciting,fast-paced championships,” he said.

Training applications among women are also on the up. The National Farrier Training Association revealed female numbers rising by 27% since 2006.

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