Are you a fan of H&H on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube? Then you can nominate us for the Equestrian Social Media Awards (ESMA).

Nominations for the 2012 PagePlay ESMAs open today (Thursday 15 December) and close on Christmas Eve (Saturday 24 December).

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Earlier this year H&H scooped the awards for “most informative”, “best YouTube” and “best use of social media by a magazine in UK and Ireland”.

“We were delighted to win three ESMAs last time and hope that our fabulous social media fans and followers will help us to pick up more awards this year,” said H&H web editor Carol Phillips.

The PagePlay Equestrian Social Media Awards (ESMAs) were set up in 2010 to bring together the global equestrian community and show how beneficial social media is for horse lovers and businesses.

“Social media has proved itself to be a revolutionary communications tool, which has been embraced by the global equestrian community. Love of the horse transcends borders, seas, and language. Social media has allowed global equestrians to connect in ways never before seen,” said Liam Killen from the ESMA team.

“We were delighted with the support the ESMAs received from equestrians internationally in 2011.

For the 2012 awards, the introduction of the regional categories, based on the FEI’s regional groups, and the FEI World Award will help us achieve our goal of connecting the global equestrian community through social media.”

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Categories are:
1. YouTube channel
2. Facebook
3. Twitter
4. Charity
5. Professional rider
6. Amateur rider
7. Feed company
8. Publication
9. Horse attire brand
10. Rider attire brand
11. Event/competition
12. Talking animal
13. Most informative
14. Riding school
15. Saddlery/tack shop
16. Best newcomer
17. Blog
18. Social network
19. Broadcast media
20. Celebrity

And regional ESMAs new for this year:

UK & Ireland
Group I – South-West Europe
Group II – North-West Europe
Group III – Central Europe, Eastern Europe and Central Asia
Group IV – North America
Group V – Central America
Group VI – South America
Group VII – North Africa and Middle east
Group VIII – South-East Asia and Oceania
Group IX – Central and Southern Africa