No sign of missing racehorse after helicopter search

  • A racehorse that went missing on a military firing range 10 days ago has still not been found, despite continued search parties.

    Yesterday (Sunday 17 January) a helicopter from Redhill-based Charter-a carried out an air search of the 22 sqkm area in Camber Sands, Kent, looking for missing racehorse Zimbabwe.

    The helicopter was chartered by an anonymous supporter of The Racehorse Sanctuary and Re-homing Centre in West Sussex.

    Trainer Philip Sharp accompanied the pilot but there was no trace of Zimbabwe. The trainer last week told H&H he fears the worst.

    “Unfortunately no signs of the horse were found throughout the intensive search,” said Graham Oldfield, chairman of trustees at The Racehorse Sanctuary.

    “While this was very disappointing all involved were heartened by the fact that he wasn’t found to be suffering or badly injured in this very sensitive environment.

    “Our commiserations go to Phillip Sharp who is currently suffering the trauma and upset which goes along with losing his horse under very difficult conditions.”

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