No 10 receives welfare report

  • The ILPH’s Transportation Awareness Ride finished at 10 Downing Street in London after five epic weeks on the road

    The International League For The Protection of Horses’ long distance ride aimed at raising the awareness of transporting horses across Europe for slaughter, formally finished at 10 Downing Street yesterday (1 September).

    The ride ended in the capital at 1.30pm when a group of television stars delivered the slaughter horse transportation report to the Prime Minister at Number 10.

    The ILPH Transportation Awareness Ride began at the Border Union Show in Kelso, Scotland, on 27 July. Riders and celebrities from around Britain joinedthe ride in its various stages heading towards London.

    The aim of the ride has been to increase people’s awareness of the suffering endured by 133,000 horses being transported across Europe for slaughter every year, often in appalling conditions.

    Keith Meldrum, Legislative Consultant for the ILPH, said: “We hope that the European Parliament will both improve and implement a new directive for the protection of horses bound for slaughter in Europe.”

    Stars turn out in support

    Celebrities from television and the horse world arrived to show their support for the ILPH. They were taken to number 10 in a horse drawn carriage, accompanied by two mounted policeman and a dray pulled by two Shires, Ben, a former ILPH rescue and Sultan.

    Other supporters included former national hunt jockeys Richard Dunwoody and Graham Thorner, together with Victoria Alcock from ITV’s drama series Bad Girls.

    Anthony Head, star of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, accompanied by staff from the ILPH, officially delivered the charity’s report on the investigation into European slaughter horse traffic (pictured).

    Read more about the live export of horses for slaughter:

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