New Z-itch to help control sweet itch launched at BETA

Z-itch, a new product designed to help control sweet itch, has been launched, to help owners start their prevention regime before the start of the summer.

“Z-itch is a ready to use, pour-on solution” said a spokesman for the product.

“It is easy to apply and, for most horses, needs to be reapplied just once a week meaning that one bottle could last the full season, deldepending on the size of the horse.

“Ideally, treatment with Z-itch should start prior to the ‘sweet itch season’ for best results,” he/she added.

Introduced at the BETA (British Equestrian Trade Association) International trade fair earlier this week (20-22 February) Z-itch costs £30.40 for 250ml.

For more information visit: www.z-itch.co.uk

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