New vitamin K supplement launched by Mitavite UK

  • A new vitamin K-rich supplement has been launched by feed company Mitavite UK.

    The company says its new product, Bonafide, uses the active ingredient quinaquanone — a water soluble form of vitamin K1 and K2 — to help maintain healthy bone density.

    “Our researchers have discovered that vitamin K1 and K2 have a critical effect on the function of osteocalcin, the bone protein that binds mineral and protein in bone together,” said Cam Price, managing director of Croftlea Ltd, the company responsible for Mitavite UK.

    “Insufficient levels of vitamin K mean that the binding process is incomplete and low density or defective bone may be produced.”

    Vitamin K1 and K2 occur naturally in fresh green pasture but can become unstable or degraded. The company adds that horses that don’t have constant access to such areas can be deficient in vitamin K and this could lead to a reduction in bone density and strength.

    Bonafide is understood to be the first supplement of its kind in the world and Mitavite claims it is popular in Australasia with breeders and racehorse trainers.

    “We have carried out numerous trials on this product and the use of Bonafide shows marked increases bone density. We carried out a test with 26 two-year-old thoroughbred racehorses in work — one group received Bonafide, the other didn’t,” added Cam.

    “This trial ran for a period of six months. Digital radiographs were taken at regular intervals and the Bonafide supplemented group showed a marked increase in bone density over the untreated group.”

    Bonafide comes in in 3kg and 12kg tub sizes.

    For more information visit: www.mitavite.co.uk/bonafide

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