A new two-in-one brush that allows you to clean your yard or box with or without water has been launched by Parell Products.

Wash-n-Brush has a universal attachment allowing it to fit to most hoses. The bristle brush head has 14 high-pressure power jets, has an adjustable length and is lightweight and portable.

Wash-n-Brush was thought up after company director Ellie Parkin saw a gap in the market when she wanted an easy way of cleaning her yard and lorry.

“I was often spraying a hose on to the yard, and I was fed up of battling with a hose in one hand and a brush in the other,” she said.

“This spurred me on to develop Wash-n-Brush and the product makes a necessary task quick and easy.

“It is Ideal for use in the stable, on the yard, in the horsebox or trailer or around the home.”

The brush costs £14.99

For more information visit: www.parellproducts.com