New three-step anti sweet itch pack

  • Net-Tex has combined three existing sweet itch remedies into a ‘three-step’ Itch Stop Pack in time for summer.

    Step one is 100ml of Itch Stop Pre-wash Shampoo, as Nex-Tex says midges are less attracted to clean coats.

    “This product contains bacterial and fungicidal agents which are so effective at cleansing that vets use it as a pre- and post-operative skin disinfectant,” said a spokesman for the company.

    Step two is a 300ml tub of Itch Stop Summer Freedom. The mixture of DEET, Tea Tree Oil and blended natural extracts is intended to protect, disinfect and sanitize existing sores, as well as prevent new bites for up to a week after one application.

    Step three is a 50ml ‘twist stick’ of Itch Stop Twist and Repel. This is an emergency version of step two, for when midges attack unexpectedly while you’re riding out.

    The pack retails at £18.52.

    For more information on how to become a stockist visit: www.net-tex.co.uk.

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