New tail protector from Coolhorsesocks

  • A new tail wrap made using sock material has been launched.

    The Coolhorsesocks’ Cool Tail Sock uses sock technology in a product exclusively for horses.

    And the manufacturers believe it is the first time sock technology has been used for an equine tail wrap.

    Tim Riley, managing director of Coolhorsesocks said: “The Cool Tail Sock is our first non-human product. We’ve tested this product and have been delighted by the results.

    “A number of people use in by itself in the stable and the trailer; but some use it with a tail bandage too for additional security — it’s particularly useful if you have a horse that fidgets when it is being transported.”

    The Cool Tail Sock is simple to put on and features a ribbed, elasticated area that covers the dock to protect at the same time as exerting even pressure.

    The rest of the Cool Tail Sock covers the horse’s tail, with a touch and close fastening at the end.

    The product was designed after a riding instructor who teaches Tim Riley’s children, saw the company’s human socks and asked if one could be made for his horse’s tail.

    Tim and the team set the machines up, started the research and development phase and after exploring various options, came up with the Cool Tail Sock.

    The Cool Tail Sock comes in three sizes — pony, cob and full — and costs £9.99.

    Visit: www.coolhorsesocks.co.uk

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