Cool Tail Sock keeps your horse’s tail in pristine condition

  • A new piece of kit which does away with drooping tail bandages, the Coolhorsesocks’ Cool Tail Sock, is proving a big hit with riders.

    The Cool Tail Sock features a ribbed top section that goes over the horse’s dock, with the rest of the product made from sock fabric with a touch and close fastening at the end.

    The Tail Sock can be used to help keep the tail clean in the stable after washing and for travel too.

    It’s available in three sizes and retails at £9.99.

    “I don’t know how I managed without it before,” said eventer Sarah Carless.

    “No matter what I tried my horse always managed to mess his tail up travelling to events. Since I’ve been using the Tail Sock, my horse’s tail is always in perfect condition when I get to an event.

    “It makes life much easier as I don’t have to re-plait it or brush it when I get there.”

    And fellow eventer Clare Stringer said: “The Tail Sock is so easy to put on, stays in place, looks smart and keeps our tails immaculate every time without fail.

    “It saves us so much time, now we don’t have to completely bandage tails and have to get them clean again when we arrive at an event. I recommend it to people all the time!”

    “We are delighted that our Tail Sock has had such a positive response,” say Tim Riley from Coolhorsesocks. “We look forwards to seeing lots of Cool Tail Socks on the circuit this season.”

    For stockists or to buy online, visit www.coolhorsesocks.co.uk, email sales@coolhorsesocks.co.uk or call Coolhorsesocks on 0116 2841558.

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