New showing opportunities for riding club members and former racehorses

  • The organisers of the SEIB Search for a Star (SFAS) and SEIB Racehorse to Riding Horse (R2R) series have released their list of 2024 Search For A Star qualifiers and Racehorse to Riding Horse qualifiers as well as new opportunities for riding club members and the owners and riders of former racehorses.

    A new final for British Riding Club (BRC) members has been added to the schedule of SFAS championships held at Your Horse Live in November, while a Horse of the Year Show R2R qualifier will be held at the Sports Horse Breeding of Great Britain National Hunter Supreme championship show in August.

    Nicolina MacKenzie who has steered the SFAS competitions for decades has been licensed by SEIB, through her company The Absolutely Genuine Company Ltd, to run the SFAS and R2R competitions.

    Nicolina said: “The aims and format of the competitions will not change. The series will continue to champion amateurs, racehorses out of training and veteran show horses as well as working with the Pony Club and BRC to bring unique opportunities for future show horses and riders.”

    SEIB’s chief executive officer, Suzy Middleton said: “SFAS has long been a key part of SEIB’s success as a business. As the series has grown, we are pleased to announce these behind-the-scenes changes to the running of our competitions. At SEIB, we are committed to giving back to our customers and supporting equestrianism and equine welfare, all of which we are able to do through our two invaluable series.”

    Following the confirmation of the new BRC class with its final to take place at Your Horse Live, head of BRC Rachael Hollely-Thompson said: “BRC is delighted to be working alongside SEIB in this new opportunity for BRC members. BRC horses and ponies are genuine all-rounders and it is wonderful to see a showing class at a great venue that showcases the true riding club equine. We are looking forward to celebrating with competitors at the final.”

    The BRC class welcomes competitors to ride either side-saddle or astride.

    The dates and locations of all SEIB qualifiers were also announced:

    List of 2024 Search For A Star qualifiers and Racehorse to Riding Horse qualifiers:

    27 May — The Showing Register championship, Stoneleigh Park (SFAS qualifiers and amateur only R2R qualifier)
    9 June — Vale View Equestrian Centre
    7 July — Greenlands Equestrian Centre
    1 August — Equifest, Arena UK
    10 August — NAF Five Star International horse trials, Hartpury College (R2R only)
    17 August — The Pony Club championships, Offchurch Bury (Pony Club classes only)
    20 August — National Hunter Supreme championship show, Addington Equestrian Centre (R2R only)
    26 August – Hartpury College
    8 September — The Defender Burghley Horse Trials, Burghley House (R2R only)

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