New SEIB Search for a Star class launched

  • A new class has been introduced for this year’s ever-popular SEIB Search for a Star (SFAS) series, which has its final at Horse of the Year Show (HOYS) in October.

    Due to a timetabling re-vamp at HOYS, the SFAS working hunter and show pony/show hunter pony classes have been dropped but a new section, for “working horse/pony,” will take their place.

    This is open to animals over 12hh (122cm), aged four and over, to be ridden by adults or children.

    “There will be a pony class and horse class at the qualifiers – divided at 15hh (153cm) – and we will take one from each forward to HOYS where they will compete together,” said SEIB marketing manager Nicolina MacKenzie.

    “Children must be over 12 years old and adults must be an appropriate size for the pony.

    “Competitors will have to jump two fences at 2ft, 2ft 6in or 2ft 9in.   Style will be considered more important than the size of the jump, and the class will be judged 50% on conformation, temperament, type and manners and 50% on performance. The judges will not ride but competitors will be asked to give a short show.

    “The class will take in natives, traditionals, small cob types and any other show horse or pony. The details are still being worked on but the aim is to have a safe and exciting class for every combination that can jump a couple of small fences.

    “We are sad to lose the workers and ponies from HOYS but by incorporating this new class, we are hoping to still give everyone their often once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to compete there.”

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    The 2017 Search for a Star series will also offer its usual classes for riding horses/hacks, cobs and hunters, holding qualifiers at five venues around the country.

    The SFAS rules, comprehensive information, a downloadable schedule and entry form will be available from www.search4astar.org.uk and for the SEIB Racehorse to Riding Horse Show Championship from www.racehorse2ridinghorse.co.uk.

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