Changes made to HOYS showing classes

  • Showing competitors aiming to qualify their coloured horses for this year’s Horse of the Year Show (HOYS) will no longer have to be members of the Coloured Horse and Pony Society (CHAPS).

    Organisers of the show (4-8 October) have changed the entry requirements for the coloured horse and pony of the year final, so members of The Showing Register (TSR) and the Traditional Gypsy Cob Association (TGCA) will also be eligible.

    Mares and geldings registered with TGCA will also be able to enter, although only stallions graded by CHAPS will be accepted.

    Judges for the 2017 showing season will sit on the CHAPS panel, but from 2018, the TSR coloured horse judging panel will be eligible to judge qualifiers.

    The classification of a coloured horse or pony remains as it was.

    “As part of the continual developments made to ensure ‘the world’s most famous horse show’ provides the best competitor experience possible, we have implemented changes across some of the classes for next year’s show,” said a HOYS spokesman.

    Mountain and Moorland class changes

    A further change means the introduction of standalone qualifiers for Connemaras, due to the high numbers of the breed contesting HOYS qualifying classes last season.

    As a result, there will be changes to qualifiers, with large mixed breed qualifying classes in which New Forests will compete with Fells, Dales and Highlands, rather than with the Connemaras, as previously.

    “We have also ensured that each large breed mountain and moorland [M&M] has a minimum 10 direct qualifiers throughout the showing season, to ensure all breeds are well represented at HOYS 2017,” the spokesman added.

    “The total number of M&M open qualifying places at HOYS 2017 will be 182, an increase on the 176 at HOYS 2016.”

    The format of the miniature horse of the year class has also changed, with one mixed-sex championship replacing the individual sections for youngstock, mares or geldings and stallions. The number of qualifiers has increased from 11 to 14, but just one horse will qualify from each.

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    “Shows will be encouraged to keep the three separate classes in place and award the one HOYS ticket to the winner of its championship,” said the spokesman.

    “One exception to this will be the British Miniature Horse Society spring show, at which three qualifying places will be available. In summary, 16 miniatures will go forward to the championship at HOYS.”

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