New saddle-marking scheme for Staffordshire

  • A new saddle-marking scheme has been set up in Staffordshire, with tack stamped with a unique reference number.

    Watling Street Neighbourhood Policing Unit has launched the Secure Saddles marking scheme through Horsewatch.

    A reflective cantle plate is fixed to the back of all saddle, clearing identifying it as being security marked, and a reference number is stamped elsewhere on the leather.

    Staffordshire Police then keeps owner’s details on a database.

    Pc Kate Hardt said: “This new method of security marking does not rely on the old method of post coding tack which can cause difficulties when tracing the owners of stolen property.

    “The fluorescent cantle plate is easily seen in the dark and simply and easily identifies the owner.”

    If you live in the area and would like your saddle marked, contact PC Hardt on 0300 123 4455.

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