New necklace for horse fanatics

Do you like to keep your loved ones close to your heart? Now you can.

Jeweller Theo Fennell has launched a new stable door-style pendant, which opens to reveal your equine friend.

The pendant, which is made of 18ct gold, holds inside a hand-painted image of your favourite horse — you just provide a photo to work from.

“We have been designing a lot of pendants with complicated mechanisms — portholes, binoculars, windows and doors —through all of which you can see your favourite thing,” said Theo. “The stable door seemed a wonderful idea, to celebrate a favourite hack or the winner of a big race.

“We designed these for anyone who rides or owns a horse. We want to revive the idea of jewellery being individual and like to think these will have a story to tell the great-great-grandchildren.”

The pictures can also be put into stable door cufflinks.

However, they’ll set you back a bit — prices start at £12,500 — so you might need that big winner in the first place.

➤ For more information visit: www.theofennell.com

This article was first published in Horse & Hound magazine (6 March 2014)

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