New Idolo Tether Tie launched by Softhorse

  • A new product to remove the need for bailer twine when tying up a horse has been launched by Softhorse.

    The Idolo Tether Tie is suitable for use with all horses, including those that panic, pull back or break free when tied.

    “The Idolo Tether Tie has a pressure and release system was invented by Roy French,” said a spokesman for the company. “It teaches a green or nervous horse to tie in a relaxed and safe manner by allowing a horse to pull back out of danger and yet remain safely secured.

    “It can be that extra pair of hands when shoeing, clipping, grooming or washing and provides a safer environment for horse and handler.”

    The stainless steel design comes with a three-year guarantee.

    A Tether Tie and 12ft braided 14mm rope rope costs £54.98.

    For more information visit: www.softhorse.co.uk

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