New hunt forms in Yorkshire

  • A new hunt has been set up in Yorkshire for parts of the country formerly hunted by the Bilsdale hounds, which now cover the lower country.

    The Bilsdale Farmers’, comprising 131⁄2 couple of mainly Fell hounds, held its first meet on 21 November. More than 120 followed, including huntsmen and masters from adjacent packs and dozens of farmers. Its founder members are largely former Bilsdale committee members.

    Commenting on how extraordinary it is to found a pack with less than three months of legal hunting left, founder member Paul Cook says: “We set up in response to local demand. We’ll see how this season goes before we register with a hunting association.”

    A local butcher hunts hounds, which are kenneled at Wool House, the former Bilsdale kennels. The pack meets once a week.

  • This news story was first published in Horse & Hound (9 December, ’04)

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