New hi-viz jackets that photograph motorists

  • Two new hi-viz products promise to photograph passing motorists — and may slow drivers down whether coupled with a camera or not.

    Gizapaw’s tail sleeve (£49.95) and tabard (£39.95) are embroidered with a picture of a camera and words “Smile you’re on camera”.

    The products are sold with a tiny camera either attached to the horse’s tail, the tabard or on the helmet, which can be used to record dangerous driving and show to police.

    Director David Daly had already had the idea when he heard of a local rider who was knocked off her horse by the wing mirror of a lorry, whose driver failed to stop.

    “That incident made me hurry the idea along,” said Mr Daly. “I’ve had 75 pre-orders already.”

    Many cyclists and some riders now wear helmet cameras to record incidents of dangerous driving. But H&H believes riders will embrace these vests alerting drivers to them.

    Rider Juliana Wood was similarly inspired when she had a near miss with a car on a rural road, despite wearing a hi-viz vest.

    Ridercam vests also have a picture of a camera (£22) and she will include a video camera (for a total of £45).

    “The main deterrent is in the logo and design,” she said. “Many people have already bought their own cameras and are looking for suitable hi-viz vests to wear with them.”

    For more information visit: http://www.gizapaw.co.uk/smile_youre_on_camera.html

    First published in Horse & Hound on 29 May 2014.

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