New haylage on the market for laminitic prone horses

  • A new type of haylage is now on the market, specifically designed for laminitic prone horses and ponies.

    ‘Lite’ – a haylage product with a guaranteed protein and sugar content of less than 10 per cent – is the latest addition to the Silvermoor haylage range.

    The reduced level of protein and sugar content, and increased fibre make it an ideal forage for laminitics, good doers and horses
    at rest

    The company launched in 2005 with their recreation and active haylages.

    Silvermoor haylage’s Karen Green told H&H: “From the offset the common concern from customers was that they find haylage too rich for their horse or pony.

    “Owners have been conscious that this winter has not been as hard as expected and have appreciated a low protein haylage to help them manage their horse’s weight.”

    For more information visit: www.silvermoor.com

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