New Fjord jodhpur boots from Tuffa to launch mid-February

  • A new jodhpur boot is set to be launched by Tuffa next month.

    The Fjord boot, which will be in shops mid February, is the latest addition to the Tuffa footwear range. It is made from waterproof waxed nubuck leather, with waterproof W-Tex membranes and water repellent elastic inserts.

    The boots have Aquasel insoles; anti-bacterial, breathable, anti-odour linings and anti-slip rubber riding soles, with stirrup protection.

    They also feature reinforcement around the heel, which can double as a spur rest.

    “We are always looking to expand and enhance our product range and a waterproof jodhpur boot that still oozed quality and style was something that was required,” said Michelle Girling from Tuffa Boots.

    “The Fjord was named after the fjords in Scandinavia and the Fjord breed. We wanted the name to show how tough and hardwearing these boots are at the same time as emphasising their waterproof element.”

    The Fjord is available in brown in sizes 3-8 and costs £84.99.

    For more information visit: www.tuffaboots.com

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