New equine earplug launched by EquiFit and Performance Rider

  • A new equine earplug has been launched by EquiFit and Performance Rider.

    The earplugs have been designed for nervous horses or those with an aversion to loud noises.

    The earplugs are made using the same technologies as human ear plugs. The new EquiFit T-Foam EarPlugs have been manufactured from heat reactive T-Foam, which softens with body temperature and allows the earplug to conform to the horse’s ear canal. This creates a strong seal and eliminates virtually all noise. And the company says the earplugs retain their shape use after use.

    “There are many stressful situations that can be eased with the help of earplugs, however for years the equine variations of these handy products have been a far cry from their human equivalents, with ‘make-shift’ concepts often lending to uncomfortable, bulky, untidy and unhygienic solutions,” said a spokesman for the company.

    “They can be used for a multitude of occasions when a soothing influence is needed. Whether riding in the ring when regulations allow it, or during the line-up of a prize giving, earplugs can help dull background noise and lead to a calmer, less anxious horse.

    “Other uses include clipping, bathing, during fireworks or shooting season and even to help horses that suffer from nerves during travelling. In addition some highly-strung horses on busy yards can benefit from a more peaceful environment, particularly if they are already uptight due to box rest. Earplugs can also be used when hacking to help build confidence in horses that have had a fright from loud traffic, or simply in day to day riding during spooky conditions, such as high winds.”

    Earplugs are permitted during British Show Jumping competitions, in the jumping and cross country phases of British Eventing horse trials and during prize givings atBritish Dressage shows, but Performance Rider recommends competitors check with their chosen discipline.

    The earplugs are available in black or brown and cost £7 per pair.

    For more information visit:www.performancerider.co.uk

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