New “eco-friendly” horse bedding Equibright launched

  • Equibright, a new “eco-friendly and cost effective” horse bedding, made of soft, clumped briquettes that break down as you or your horse walks on it, has been launched.

    The “unique, self-replenishing, natural” stable bedding is made from a 50:50 recycled wood/fresh straw mix, which slowly releases fresh bedding.

    This is designed to help it last longer and go further – saving both money and time, says the company.

    Equibright is put through a double dust extraction process to help reduce respiratory problems and is treated with a natural citrus spray to make it less tempting for your horse to eat.

    “We are delighted by the quick take up of this product and our customers are extremely pleased with its performance,” said Jane Filtness from Equibright. “There are many benefits to the product.”

    For more information visit: www.equibright.co.uk

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