New Dry Fast post-wash product from Veredus

  • Veredus has launched a new post-wash product ideal for the chilly weather.

    “With the chilly weather, the last thing you want after exercise is a hot sweaty horse catching a chill,” said a spokesman for the company. “But Veredus Dry Fast rapidly eliminates sweat from horses’ coats.”

    The lotion is designed to be used as a post wash product. After sponging off sweat, scrape off excess water and spritze the product all over help evaporate and warm the area.

    Containing capsicum — a chilli pepper derivative — the company says the spray gently warms and soothes tired muscles, while helping to eliminate problems associated with muscle cooling and contraction.

    A 100ml bottle costs £13.00.

    For more information visit: www.zebraproducts.co.uk

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