New Calming Powder launched by Organic Horse

  • A new product to help calm your horse over the winter has been launched by Organic Horse.

    According to the company, Calming Powder is an organic, natural remedy made using homeopathic ingredients and herbs that horses instinctively source in the wild.

    “Changes in routine, restricted turnout, reduced exercise levels or an increase in hard feed can trigger personality changes that are often hard to combat,” said a spokesman for Organic Horse.

    “The ingredients work together to promote a calmer, happier horse and unlike conventional calmers the ingredients change seasonally to prevent the body from building up resistance to the ingredients.”

    Calming Power is 100% natural and includes magnesium, calming herbs and antioxidants to help support the horse’s natural immunity.

    It also helps support the horse’s nervous system, leading to a calmer outlook on life, which makers claim in turn helps improve concentration, encourage relaxation and ultimately lead to a softer, more flexible horse who learns quickly, efficiently and enjoys their work.

    Organic Horse performance squad member, Kerry Graw, was one of the first to trial the products.

    “Within two weeks of using Calming Power I started to notice a difference, my mare became far more workmanlike and relaxed,” she said.

    “It was put to the test when I ran out of the product and she had three weeks without it — there was a noticeable change and she had slowly returned to her old ways and proved very difficult, flighty and generally quite grumpy. She is now back on Calming Power and is much more rideable.”

    Calming Power is available in either 40-day supply, priced at £32, or 100- day supply, priced at £60.

    For more information visit: www.forestfarmacy.com

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