New blow for Jockey Club

  • Jeremy Phipps, the Jockey Club’s head of security, has resigned following the BBC’s Panorama programme

    Jeremy Phipps, the Jockey Club’s head of security, has become the first victim of the fall-out from Sunday night’s Panorama programme, “The Corruption Of Racing“.

    The former SAS major general resigned on Wednesday evening after meeting with senior members of the Jockey Club in London’s Portman Square.

    Phipps’s position had become untenable after he was secretly filmed for the Panorama programme during a meeting with former head of security Roger Buffham.

    Phipps was seen describing his employers as “f****** ignorant”. He said he was trying to get Buffham on side by agreeing with everything he said.

    But Buffham was acting as Panorama’s paid consultant and whistleblower after being dismissed from his position at the Jockey Club. He had informed Phipps that their conversation was not being recorded.

    In his letter of resignation Phipps said: “I very much regret that a trial by press situation has developed to make my position untenable. I wish to take an honourable approach over this whole affair to save any further embarrassment.”

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