New app summons emergency aid for riders

  • A new app to help locate riders who have fallen off and may be injured is now available.

    The Rescue Me app has been launched by PRP Rescue Services, a company that provides equestrian breakdown assistance.

    It uses smartphone global satellite positioning to find you.

    “Whether you are riding alone or in a group, an accident requires immediate help,” said Jon Phillips from PRP.

    “You just press the Rescue Me button and it sends your exact latitude and longitude to us – and we can pinpoint your location within six feet.”

    The service alerts the PRP 24hr specialist equine call handlers who can contact the emergency services and vets and inform next of kin.

    “It works anywhere in the country – including in the ‘wilds’ such as the middle of Dartmoor,” said Mr Phillips, who added that the app was created due to public demand.

    Sheila Hardy from the British Horse Society said: “It’s a really good idea and one that I hope many riders will take advantage of, a lot of research has gone into making sure that it works properly.”

    There are Blackberry, iPhone and Android versions of the app and it costs £15 a year.

    For further information, visit www.prprescue.me.

    This news story was first published in the current issue of H&H (7 June 2012)

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