New 5-day TV series follows ‘Vets in Action’ on Channel 5

  • A new TV series following a team of vets as they travel around the country starts tonight on Channel 5.

    ‘Vets in Action’ visits various households and centres across the UK, helping horses, cats and dogs.

    Wednesday’s ‘Vets in Action’ follows Learning to Listen, an educational horse care and training facility where horse whisperer Sarah Kruetzer rehabilitates a group of troubled horses.

    When the team visits Learning to Listen in North Yorkshire, Sarah helps horses like Indie, who has a terrible fear of traffic, Pandora, a racehorse afraid of starting stalls and Ben a dressage horse who is hard to load.

    Sarah said: “’Vet’s in Action’ was just such a good opportunity for myself and the team to give an insight to an alternative way to help horses.

    “By encouraging owners to build their knowledge and confidence with their horse we can help them overcome almost any situation.”

    The series is narrated by horse lover Kym Marsh, of Hear’Say and Coronation Street fame.

    The series runs for 5 nights starting at 6pm tonight (Monday 4 August).

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