Neigh Station invented to prevent stable vices

  • Watching her young children play with their activity centre gave Susan Lyon an idea about how to keep stabled horses happy and entertained.

    Ms Lyon, from Ontario, Canada, told H&H:”The number of stabled horses that exhibit behaviour like box-walking or crib-biting is
    just huge.

    “I thought it would be possible to create an activity centre for horses that provides visual and aural stimulation.”

    She set up her own company, Two Fair Mares, to manufacture the product, which is now available in the UK through Shires.

    The Neigh Station includes a shatterproof mirror – to provide visual contact for horses that are separated from their stable-mates – a sliding latch with clicking sound for aural stimulation and a rope with a detachable toy rider for the horse to play with.

    You can also buy the rider toy – which is available as a western or European rider – separately.

    The Neigh Station is available from Shires and costs £59.99 or £19.95 for the rider toy.

    This news story was first published in the current issue of H&H (29 December 2011)

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