Outraged residents claim authorities are failing neglected horses

  • Concern is mounting over the welfare of horses at a farm in Anglesey, North Wales.

    The RSPCA removed 18 horses from Ddrydwy Farm in Pencarnisiog last month following an investigation that also involved the county council and police.

    But local residents say that the authorities are turning a blind eye to the remaining animals and not doing enough to safeguard their welfare.

    Reports of how many horses remain on the land vary, but locals believe it may be as many as 80.

    One local resident told H&H that at least 20 dead horses had been found when the others were rescued and that a further 2 horses have died since the RSPCA’s initial intervention.

    “We want these horses taken away before more die. Some will be due to foal soon, which will exacerbate the problem,” said another concerned resident.

    “People want assurance that this man will be prosecuted and banned from keeping horses for life. Some fear this will not happen.”

    An RSPCA spokesman told H&H: “The horses [that were not removed] are still in situ and advice was issued.  These horses are being seen regularly by ourselves and an independent vet, and improvements are being made by the owner.

    “We are aware of the subsequent complaints regarding their welfare and understand peoples’ concerns, but they are receiving veterinary treatment and care.

    “The horses that were removed are being cared for and are under veterinary treatment.

    “We continue to work closely with the owner and vet to ensure that the conditions improve, but at this stage, because this is an ongoing investigation, we are unable to say more.”

    Local residents are planning a protest on 25 April at the council offices in Llangefni.

    A Facebook group has been set up to raise awareness of the horses’ plight.

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