Mystery Bunting Fairy spreads happiness among Welsh pony and cob enthusiasts

  • A kind-hearted “bunting fairy” has been sharing love through difficult times by sending hand-made gifts, but with no clue as to his or her identity.

    Some 85 people have so far been sent gifts of beautifully made bunting, many customised to the recipients’ interests or location, and all with the same note. They have been delivered across the country; the only link being that all those fortunate enough to receive them are Welsh pony or cob breeders or enthusiasts.

    Maxine Ingham, who breeds and shows section Cs and Ds, told H&H the bunting started arriving about a month ago.

    “People started posting pictures on Facebook, saying they’d been sent it, with the same little note,” she said. “There’s never any postmark, or any clue on who it’s from.”

    As the number of recipients increased, they all tried to work out who the sender was.

    “The only thing that connects us is that we’re all people involved with Welsh ponies or cobs,” Maxine said. “Whoever it is knows people well enough to make the bunting relevant to people; I live in Cornwall near the beach, and mine’s seaside material, and someone who runs a hedgehog rescue had hedgehog print.”

    The note with each delivery is the same. It says: “Something to make you smile! Put it up or give it away, just be nice to make someone’s day. Lots of love, The Bunting Fairy, #thebuntingfairy.”

    “It’s beautifully made too,” Maxine said. “It’s so professional; whoever it is has put a lot of time and effort, and money into it. And doing a really kind thing.”

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    Maxine said she hopes the thoughtfulness of the gesture may spread.

    “I saw someone last week who was having a tough time, and I sent them flowers anonymously,” she said. “I thought I’d pass it on; if everyone passed on a good deed, it would spread and spread.

    “I was over the moon to get mine; it’s such a lovely thing to do, after everyone’s had such a miserable time; there’s a Bunting Fairy Facebook group and if you read the posts, you can see how it’s brightened everyone’s day.”

    Asked what she would say to the Bunting Fairy, Maxine said: “Thank you, for spreading so much joy and happiness.”

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