Motorists given advice on horses and safe driving

  • The Wellingborough Rural North and South Safer Community Team has highlighted the fact that the lighter summer nights and improved weather will result in more horses being out on the roads.

    They advise motorists to take several precautions as part of a campaign to help keep riders safe.

    Drivers are warned not to rev their engines or make loud noises as they pass horses, as the horse is a flight animal.

    Horse riders are allowed to ride two abreast, drivers are reminded.

    Cars should pass wide and slow, with drivers paying heed to any signals the rider may give as they are higher up and can see potential hazards.

    Motorists and horse riders share the right to use the road so there should be a mutual courtesy between them, the team point out.

    Riders are advised to wear high visibility gear.

    PC Peter Littleton said: “Living in a rural area as we do, one of the hazards that motorists will often confront is that of horses being ridden along country lanes.”

    “It is essential that drivers of motor vehicles give a wide berth and pass them at a slow speed in order to avoid startling the horses.”

    “In the event of a driver passing a horse without showing reasonable consideration they could be reported for this offence and receive up to six penalty points on their licence plus a fine.”

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