Moor pony warning to motorists

  • Road signs displaying the slogan “Kill your speed not a pony” have been erected at eight main entry roads into Dartmoor in an attempt to cut the number of ponies being killed by speeding vehicles.

    The dark winter months make moor ponies more susceptible to road traffic injuries because most are dark coloured and difficult to see.

    Electronic speed warnings have also been put into place that flash a warning to motorists telling them to slow down and high profile messages will also be advertised on National Park Rangers’ Landrovers- both aimed at raising people’s awareness of the mandatory 40mph speed limit.

    Bill Cann, chairman, Dartmoor National Park Authority, said: “The campaign is aimed at all those who drive on Dartmoor’s roads.

    “Whether you are a visitor or live locally or are driving to your place of work, it is essential that you drive responsibly within the 40 mile per hour speed limit.

    “When visibility is poor due to rain, mist or snow, and at night time, you must allow extra time for your journey and reduce your speed.”

    For more information click here to visit the Dartmoor National Park Authority.

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