Monitor your horse remotely from your sofa

  • Ever wished you could see what was happening on the yard from the comfort of your sofa? Well now you can.

    Electronics company Samsung has just launched the new wireless SEW-3030 monitoring system, which it says is perfect for equestrian yards.

    The system consists of a high-resolution 3.5in wireless LCD monitor, with built-in rechargeable batteries and a compact portable wireless camera.

    No more checking your pregnant mare every couple of hours. Just put the camera in your mare’s stable and you can keep an eye on her through your telly as you watch your favourite programme.

    The camera automatically switches from a colour picture during the day to a black and white one at night, enabling you to see up to three metres, even in complete darkness.

    The system is capable of supporting up to four cameras all of which can be watched on a single LCD monitor, or through your TV.

    It can also be linked to your PC allowing remote viewing across the internet.

    The Samsung SEW-3030 system is now available in the UK and costs £149.

    For more information, go to www.samsunghomesecurity.co.uk.

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