Monart to stick to selling three-year-olds as sale achieves record average price

  • Organisers have confirmed their intention to “stick with” three-year-olds after strong Monart Sale results, with no plans to returning to selling ridden horses, as they celebrate another record-breaking year.

    The 2021 auction featured a new record average price of €15,281 (£13,060). It also had a clearance rate of over +82%, with two unnamed fillies from Henry Foley’s stable achieving the highest prices.

    The sale previously offered ridden four- and five-year-olds, in addition to three-year-olds, and sale director Niall Griffin said they will be sticking to the younger age bracket going forwards.

    “We really are now the premier three-year-old sale in Ireland,” said Niall.

    “If you’ve got a good three-year-old, you bring it here and put it in front of the best riders in the world.  We’ve proven time and time again that we sell to the four corners of the world, and we’ll get a good price for it. We’ve made the decision to not go back to the ridden horses, and it’s the three-year-olds we’re going to stick with.”

    He added: “It seems like we keep saying we’ve exceeded our expectations, but to be honest it’s been absolutely brilliant for us.”

    Lot 73 (Luidam x Plot Blue) topped the auction, selling on the second night to Britain’s Zoe Feeney for €35,500 (£30,341). The second highest-priced horse was lot 33, by KEC Maximum Joe out of a Furryoso mare, who sold for a day one high of €34,500 (£29,487) to US buyer Jennifer Oliver.

    “We heard about the Monart Sale via a word-of-mouth referral from a friend familiar with the auction,” said Jennifer.

    “We are generally hesitant to buy horses remotely, however the Monart team do such a super job showing the young stock.  We appreciate that the conformation pictures are on hard surfaces, that the walks are on gravel and that the x-rays were thorough.  Just top notch all the way.  Lot 33 attracted us because of her overall presence.  She is a super well-rounded filly, we thought one of the best in the sale.”

    Monart sale results 2021

    Lot 1 MBF Carnsdale (Ramiro B (BWP) x not recorded) €16,000.00
    Lot 2 Monbeg Fintra Smart (Future Trend (OLD) x Harlequin Du Carel (SF)) €31,000.00
    Lot 3 Unnamed (Quintero (HOLST) x Rash R (HOLST)) €15,000.00
    Lot 5 Sallybog Coco (Imperial Tiger (ISH) x Primitive Rising (TB)) €13,500.00
    Lot 6 Coolim Eclipse (Chinook Eclipse (TB) x Kahtan (TB)) €9,500.00
    Lot 8 Kilbunny Grand Design (Kilbunny Kabana (ISH) x Spring Elegance VII (WNTR)) €14,000.00
    Lot 9 Unnamed (Capri Van Overis Z (ZANG) x S. Crevvagh Ferro (KWPN)) €19,000.00
    Lot 10 Unnamed (Dignified Van’T Zorgvliet (BEWB) x El Rio (TB)) €21,500.00
    Lot 11 Dolmen Dun Aenghus (Dignified Van’T Zorgvliet (BEWB) x Dolmen Deja Vu (ISH)) €12,500.00
    Lot 13 Unnamed (Island Commander (TB) x Flagmount King (ID)) €12,000.00
    Lot 14 Fairwood Pearlova (Romanov (KWPN) x Dignified Van’T Zorgvliet (BEWB)) €14,000.00
    Lot 15 Nycarlos H (Tangelo Van De Zuuthoeve (KWPN) x Up To Date (KWPN)) €14,500.00
    Lot 17 Unnamed (Frammassone (TB) x Heigh Ho Dubh (ID)) €8,000.00
    Lot 18 Kilbunny AFS (Imperial Tiger (ISH) x Aldatus Z (OLD)) €13,000.00
    Lot 19 Unnamed (Capri Van Overis Z (ZANG) x Quidam Junior I (KWPN)) €7,500.00
    Lot 20 MBF Do The Maths (Grennan Fort (TB) x Jackson’s Drift (TB)) €32,000.00
    Lot 21 Unnamed (Golden Master (TB) x Harlequin du Carel (SF)) €17,500.00
    Lot 22 Monbeg Trademark (Quabri de L’isle (SF) x Pacino (BWP)) €22,500.00
    Lot 23 Carraiganard Ralph (Tullabeg Fusion (ISH) x Choisir (TB)) €8,000.00
    Lot 24 Rock Illusion (Pointilliste (TB) x Rich Rebel (TB)) €10,000.00
    Lot 25 Newmarket Amy (Newmarket Jewel (WESTF) x Cathcher in The Rye (TB)) €23,000.00
    Lot 27 MRF Emblem (Metropole (KWPN) x Cavalier Carnival (ISH)) €7,000.00
    Lot 28 Unnamed (Pointilliste (TB) x Coevers Diamond Boy (ISH)) €13,000.00
    Lot 29 Unnamed (Frammassone (TB) x Crosstown Dancer (RID)) €8,000.00
    Lot 30 MBF Dutch Courage (Guinness (KWPN) x Courage II (HOLST)) €13,000.00
    Lot 31 Unnamed (Dignified Van’T Zorgvliet (BEWB) x Cavalier Clover lad (ISH)) €11,500.00
    Lot 32 Monbeg Rhodes (Capri Van Overis Z (ZANG) x Porter Rhodes (TB)) €16,000.00
    Lot 33 Unnamed (KEC Maximum Joe (WESTF) x Furryoso (ISH)) €34,500.00
    Lot 34 Unnamed (Jet Away (TB) x Brush Aside (TB)) €6,000.00
    Lot 35 Assagart Treasure (Ars Vivendi (HOLST) x Bonnie Prince (TB)) €15,000.00
    Lot 36 Unnamed (Premier Sport (ISH) x Balou Du Rouet (OLD)) €11,000.00
    Lot 37 Templerainey Victorio (Dignified Van’T Zorgvliet (BEWB) x Zilzal (TB)) €9,000.00
    Lot 39 Unnamed (Dignified Van’T Zorgvliet (BEWB) x Kings Master (ISH)) €9,500.00
    Lot 40 MBF Risohorse Hill (Risohorse Locorotondo (RHEIN) x Captain Clover (ISH)) €17,000.00
    Lot 41 Unnamed (Capri Van Overis Z (ZANG) x O.B.O.S Quality (OLD)) €8,000.00
    Lot 42 Monbeg Zidane (Zidane (KWPN) x Indoctro (HOLST)) €24,500.00
    Lot 43 Ballynort Chanel (Chacoa (HOLST) x Drombane Cruising (ISH)) €5,500.00
    Lot 44 MBF Just For Joy (Dignified Van’T Zorgvliet (BEWB) x Cavalier Two For Joy (ISH)) €16,000.00
    Lot 49 Drumin Romeo (Womanizer (KWPN) x Mr Big Cat (TB)) €12,500.00
    Lot 50 MBF Full Moon (Rosshaven Silken Rouge (ISH) x Olympic Lux (KWPN)) €18,000.00
    Lot 52 Monbeg Sand Storm (Cormint (HOLST) x Brian Boru (CP)) €26,500.00
    Lot 54 Unnamed (Creig Aine Cove (CP) x Gamut (TB)) €9,500.00
    Lot 56 Exquisite Mint (Cormint (HOLST) x Vechta (KWPN)) €15,000.00
    Lot 57 Unnamed (Dignified Van’T Zorgvliet (BEWB) x Morozov (TB)) €12,500.00
    Lot 58 Kilbunny Rathnageera (Silvano (KWPN) x Luso (TB)) €13,500.00
    Lot 59 Tullibards Fit For Function (Jaguar Mail (SF) x Tullibards Shakespeare (ISH)) €14,500.00
    Lot 60 Unnamed (Olympic Lux (KWPN) x Harlequin Du Carel (SF)) €13,500.00
    Lot 61 MBF After Party (Coolkeeran (HOLST) x Last Fields (ISH)) €13,500.00
    Lot 62 Clarkes Monbeg Ambition (S Creevagh Ferro (KWPN) x Lux Z (HANN)) €26,000.00
    Lot 63 Bonmahon Jasper (Ulysses M2S (KWPN) x Ramiro B (BWP)) €21,500.00
    Lot 64 MBF Cruisiler (Leestone Cruisiler (ISH) x Watermill Swatch (TB)) €11,000.00
    Lot 66 Unnamed (Capri Van Overis Z (ZANG) x Harlequin Du Carel (SF)) €14,000.00
    Lot 67 Unnamed (Pointilliste (TB) x Kennedys Clover (ISH)) €9,000.00
    Lot 68 Kilbunny Rockstar (Royale Concorde (ISH) x Contendro (HOLST)) €27,500.00
    Lot 69 Unnamed (Sligo Candy Boy (ISH) x Lux Z (HANN)) €14,000.00
    Lot 70 Shannondale Paladin (Pointilliste (TB) x Wivollet Van Beek (KWPN)) €15,000.00
    Lot 71 Dermish MBF (Denounce (TB) x Cougar (ISH)) €11,500.00
    Lot 72 Monbeg Cavland (Cavalier Land (ISH) x Cult Hero (TB)) €28,500.00
    Lot 73 Unnamed (Luidam (KWPN) x Plot Blue (KWPN)) €35,500.00
    Lot 76 Unnamed (Chinook Eclipse (TB) x O.B.O.S Quality (OLD)) €14,500.00
    Lot 77 Unnamed (Quest For Peace (TB) xBeneficial (TB)) €14,500.00
    Lot 78 Unnamed (Colandro (HOLST) x Mister Mat (TB)) €12,000.00
    Lot 79 Ballymurphy July (Cougar (ISH) x Jack of Diamonds (SWB)) €11,000.00
    Lot 81 MBF Mix Match (KEC Maximum Joe x not recorded) €14,500.00
    Lot 82 Unnamed (Cavalier Land (ISH) x Kings Master (ISH)) €10,000.00
    Lot 83 Shanbeg Surprise (Sirillio (TB) x O.B.O.S Quality (OLD) €7,000.00
    Lot 84 Killisk Brook (Spirit House (TB) x Puissance (ISH)) €14,500.00
    Lot 86 Unnamed (Pointilliste (TB) x Diamond Rock (ID)) €20,000.00
    Lot 87 Unnamed (Insatiable (TB) x Fayruz (TB)) €5,500.00
    Lot 88 Kilbunny Maximus (Emperor Augustus (TB) x Clover Hill (ID)) €14,000.00
    Lot 91 MBF Nelson (Mount Nelson (TB) x Artan (TB)) €9,000.00
    Lot 92 Monbeg Salt Fever (Womanizer (KWPN) x Ramiro B (BWP)) €24,500.00
    Lot 94 Unnamed (Capri Van Overis Z (ZANG) x Lucky Valier (ISH)) €11,000.00
    Lot 95 Unnamed (SIEC Livello (Holst) x ARD VDL Douglas (KWPN)) €17,500.00
    Lot 98 Montal To Candy Max (Sligo Candy Boy (ISH) x Indian River (TB)) €16,000.00
    Lot 99 Unnamed (Koro D’or (SF) x Roseberry Avenue (TB)) €8,000.00
    Lot 101 MBF Reality (Cevin Z (ZANG) x Milan (TB)) €30,000.00
    Lot 102 KSH Monbeg Society (Rehy High Society (ISH) x O.B.O.S Quality (OLD)) €16,000.00
    Lot 103 Wheelagower Dandy Man (Check Out Charlie x Harlequin Du Carel (SF)) €23,500.00
    Lot 104 HSH Talbots Hill (Coolkeeran (HOLST) x Dalakhani (TB)) €13,500.00
    Lot 105 Tisrara Womanizer (Womanizer (KWPN) x Harlequin Du Carel (SF)) €15,500.00
    Lot 106 Unnamed (O-Piloth (KWPN) x Cruising (ISH)) €13,500.00
    Lot 107 Unnamed (Dilshaan (TB) x Ghareeb (TB)) €18,500.00
    Lot 109 Ceatharlia Musashi (O.B.O.S Quality 004 (OLD) x Lux Z (HANN)) €15,500.00
    Lot 110 Socrates Van De Brouwershoeve (Quint VH Maarlo Z (BWP) x Darco (BWP)) €17,000.00
    Lot 111 Parkmore Choice (Master Choice (ISH) x Coolcorron Cool Diamond (ISH)) €8,500.00
    Lot 113 Unnamed (Pointilliste (TB) x Master Imp (TB)) €13,500.00

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