Miniatures gain worldwide appeal

  • Four miniature horses have starred in a Singapore shopping mall’s Year of the Horse celebrations

    Shoppers at the Marina Square Shopping Mall in Singapore, have been able to meet and photograph some of the smallest horses in the world as part of the Chinese New Year’s celebrations.

    Stallions Harlequin and Yoyo, a gelding Ginger and a mare, Rose, were kept in a paddock just outside the mall.

    “Miniature horses, which are about the size of big dogs, are certainly excellent for events like this and for fund-raising – they are very sweet, sociable and good with children, “said Janet Gooding, who owns the smallest recorded horse which measures under 13ins.

    Janet, who is also vice-chair of the UK-based International Miniature Horse and Pony Society, says these horses are becoming increasingly popular.

    “Many older people who don’t want to ride anymore but still want to have a horse are buying them as pets. There are also many showing classes and they can be used for driving very small carts. ”

    The horses were on show at the Singapore mall until 18 February, with three one-hour photo sessions taking place each day.

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