Miniature Shetland becomes 23rd foal born at Redwings this year

  • A miniature Shetland rescued by the horse charity Redwings has given birth to a foal — the 23rd to be born at the sanctuary this year.

    Gizmo the miniature piebald foal is starting life at the horse sanctuary just weeks after her mother was signed over to the RSPCA.

    Miniature Shetland Nooky was seized by the charity because of concerns for her welfare, particularly as she was in foal. The mare had deformed, overgrown hooves, hypothermia and sweet itch.

    “We are pleased that the Animal Welfare Act allows us to step in with cases like Nooky’s so we can work with owners and intervene to prevent suffering before it really takes hold,” said Nicolas De Brauwere, head of welfare at Redwings.

    “Nooky has made a fantastic recovery and we are delighted that little Gizmo is such a picture of health.”

    Redwings has already taken in more than 180 horses, ponies and donkeys this year.

    For more information visit www.redwings.co.uk

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