Pony found dead and skinned in pond

  • An American owner is appearing for information after his miniature horse was found dead in a pond after being shot.

    Equine fans in the US are horrified, as the horse, Mr Nubby, was found skinned. He had been shot in the neck and had rope burns on him.

    His owner, John Tuck, found the animal dead on 30 April at Hi Pine Farm in Boaz, Alabama. Mr Nubby had gone missing on 28 April.

    mr nubby 1During a search for the animal they found him in a pond on the the property.

    “He was just completely skinned like you would a deer from the mid-joint of his legs up and all the way. Tail gone, mane gone, everything. Really kind of a disturbing sight,” Mr Tuck told US new site AL.com.

    Police believe the attacker came in on foot as no tyre tracks were found.

    Mr Nubby was a class A miniature standing at around 8hh. He had been a Christmas present for Mr Tuck’s wife Christie in 2011.

    The pony’s skin was taken away by the culprit.

    “He had been completely pelted, I believe, would be the word for it,” added Mr Tuck.

    Another pony on the farm belonging to Mr Tuck, called Peanut, was found with rope burns a couple of days later, similar to the ones found on Mr Nubby. Peanut also had a puncture wound to his neck.

    mr nuby 4Mr Tuck believes he escaped, but that the culprit had intended to do the same to Peanut.

    “To my knowledge there’s never been a case where we’ve had a case like this where a horse was shot in the neck and skinned. We’re not going to tolerate animal cruelty in the city of Boaz,” Boaz deputy police chief Josh Gaskin told local press.

    Anyone with information should contact Boaz police.

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