Is it a horse? Or a zebra? Meet Zulu the zorse

  • Is it a horse? Is it a zebra? Zulu the zorse — a zebra/horse hybrid — is to star at the CLA Game Fair later this month.

    Owners of 7-year-old Zulu, who lives in Shropshire at a donkey sanctuary, believes he is the only zorse in the UK.

    He came over from America in 2012 and is being trained by Rebecca Townsend of equestrian display team Jive Pony.

    Zulu will be part in an equestrian display at the CLA Game Fair, held at Ragley Hall, Warks (19-21 July).

    Standing at 14.2hh, Zulu is by a Grants zebra and out of a grey Arab mare.

    “The CLA Game Fair will be fantastic experience for Zulu, and a great opportunity for people to see a zorse,” said Rebecca.

    “Zulu is highly intelligent. He loves being around horses and having a job to do. At the moment we are getting him used to human contact as he is still a wild animal.”

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