Marriage proposal in Horse & Hound

  • Fellas, forget about dropping to one knee in a restaurant or on a tropical beach.

    The bar for horsey girls’ boyfriends has now been set – with a proposal in H&H.

    As Martin Tweed – a former King’s Troop soldier – and Amy Beale bonded over horses, it was the obvious choice.

    “I wanted it to be something special and, as H&H is always on the dining room table at home, I thought, why not put an ad in.”

    And Martin’s thoughtfulness had the desired effect.

    Amy takes up the story: “He passed me a copy of H&H. As my mare, Beatrix, has some lumps on her skin, I honestly thought I was going to see an article on allergic reactions.

    “At that point, Martin got down on one knee and proposed with a gorgeous ring. “I said yes!”

    The couple, from Andover, Hants, think they may marry next September.

    We are assured that Beatrix and Toddy, Amy’s miniature Shetland, will play some sort of role…

    This news story was first published in the current issue of H&H (30 August 2012)

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