Man airlifted to hospital after fall with Essex and Suffolk hunt

  • A man injured while out hunting with the Essex and Suffolk last Saturday (15 January) is making a good recovery in hospital.

    Charles Williamson, 77, suffered a fractured pelvis when his horse reared up and fell over backwards.

    Due to the isolated location of the accident, near Hadleigh, Mr Williamson was airlifted to Ipswich Hospital, and then transferred to the Norwich and Norfolk Hospital, where he had an operation to pin his pelvis.

    Joint-master Gillie Cranfield was one of the hunt members who stayed with Mr Williamson while waiting for the air ambulance to arrive.

    “Charles had been waiting for another rider to remount when his horse went up on his back legs and fell on him,” she said.

    “But he seems to be recovering well — he’s sitting up in bed and complaining he is bored, which has to be a good sign.”

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