Lucinda Green thanks H&H readers for their support

  • Eventing legend Lucinda Green has told H&H that she was amazed and delighted to receive the Martin Collins Special Award for her “outstanding contribution to equestrianism over the past 20 years” at the Animal Health Trust’s annual equestrian awards last month.

    She was so moved by your support that she has written a letter of thanks to all Horse & Hound readers who voted for her.

    Lucinda Green’s letter to H&H readers

    “So touched am I by the Special Award presented to me by the Animal Health Trust, for 20 years of I-am-not-quite-sure-what at their glittering dinner in early November, that I wanted to thank all of you who bothered to vote for me.

    “I initially turned down my invitation to the dinner as an award nominee as I had something else on that evening and imagined that some 100 people were nominated in order to swell attendance. I still did not smell a rat when I was rung and asked if I could possibly make it, and a plan was hatched for me to dovetail into the evening at 9pm.

    “When the Whitaker family, Lee Pearson and I all flicked up onto the screen as nominees, I sat back and relaxed as no way did I feel I could beat those opponents. So what a wonderful and unexpected honour it was when my name was read out — and it’s all due to you out there. Thank you so very, very much, firstly for thinking of me and then for taking action.”

    Lucinda Green


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    Lucinda Green gets outstanding contribution to equestrianism award

    Lucinda-Green-awardFormer world champion event rider Lucinda Green was presented with the Martin Collins Special Award for outstanding contribution to equestrianism at the Animal Health Trust’s (AHT) awards ceremony.

    Lucinda fought off competition from Paralympic gold medalist Lee Pearson and the Whitaker family, who were all shortlisted from nominations made by H&H readers.

    Lucinda said: “This is something that I really can’t believe has happened, it is the most unexpected award to have come my way in many years.”

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