Lottery funding confirmed for next Olympics

  • UK Sport has announced that the British Equestrian Federation will receive £3.6m of Lottery Funding over the next four years for their World Class Performance Plan.

    This does not include subsistence funding, which is additional and is available for up to 40 riders depending on their means.

    Each discipline has been awarded funding to reflect their relevant successes in Sydney.

    Dressage and show jumping will each receive £150,000 each, while disabled dressage will receive £170,000 and eventing a little over £200,000.

    More than £50,000 will be spent on a Dressage and Disabled Dressage Performance Manager and a further £70,000 will be spent on Sports Science and Medicine, including the recruitment of a Director of Equine Sports Science.

    The balance of £130,000 has been allocated for management and central budget costs.

    The £150,000 for show jumping will enable the funding of a Performance/Team Manager and contribute to some training and sports science costs, thuscomplementing the massive BSJA pledged investment of around £500,000.

    Matthew Straker, the World Class Performance Director, said: “This is excellent news for our top riders and will place the three Olympic and one Paralympic disciplines in a strong position to train and compete with a view to winning medals in Athens in 2004.

    ” The next major planning step is to get our World Class Start and Potential Plans up and running and agreed by the Lottery as soon as possible. They are coming alongslowly and promise to herald a radical change in the way we identify and then develop and nurture our most talented riders.”

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