Emotional Lorraine Kelly thanks NHS staff who saved her life after riding accident

  • Television presenter Lorraine Kelly has thanked the NHS staff who helped her recover following a serious riding fall that left her leg “de-gloved”.

    The ITV star recently visited St George’s Hospital in London, where she received emergency treatment following the fall in 2012.

    Lorraine’s visit was aired on her daytime show on 21 May.

    “In 2012 I saw the very best of the NHS after a serious riding accident,” she said.

    “It was only the second time I’d been on a horse for a charity event.”

    Lorraine fell from the horse and was trodden on, leaving her with a serious wound to her leg.

    “After losing three pints of blood, I needed urgent medical care, without it I would have been close to death,” she said.

    “I was rushed to St George’s A&E due to the severity of my injury and it’s thanks to the amazing treatment I received that I’m here today.

    “It’s strange to be back, I don’t remember a great deal about it but I do know medics were incredible and looked after me so well.”

    Lorraine added that she didn’t look at her “de-gloved” wound “for ages” after the fall.

    She underwent surgery and was off work for eight weeks while she recovered.

    “It was like an out of body experience on that trolley [going into surgery],” she said.

    “I could see lots of flashing light and I remember saying, ‘I don’t think I’ll be able to go to work tomorrow’.”

    Lorraine recovered on the Gunning Ward, where she said the staff reassured her that she “would be just fine”.

    “I owe an unpayable debt to everyone at the NHS who saved my life, but I’m just one of many people that are saved on a daily basis,” she added tearfully.

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    “I don’t know what we would do without the NHS, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.”

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