Long-distance journeys to slaughter will not be changed

  • World Horse Welfare has told H&H it is “dismayed” that European rules for long-distance transportation to slaughter will not be changed.

    The charity was speaking after the European Commission announced it would not be altering legislation – despite acknowledging that “severe animal welfare problems persist”.

    Currently horses can be transported for 24 hours with a break every eight hours for water, and food if necessary. World Horse Welfare wanted a 9-12hr maximum journey time for horses travelling to slaughter.

    Last month, it handed a dossier of evidence to the Commission. But a report published by the Commission last week (10 November) merely proposed “more effective enforcement” of current laws.

    “This is of grave concern,” said Jo White from the charity. “A maximum journey limit would be simple to enforce and is totally feasible.”

    This news story was first published in the current issue of Horse and Hound (17 November 2011)

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