Abandoned foal ‘Derek’ saved by ramblers

  • Life is looking up for an abandoned foal, who has made the trip from Wales to Redwings Horse Sanctuary in Norfolk.

    Ramblers found the weak 2-day-old foal alone on a remote hilltop near Powys on 30 July. When they could neither find his mother nor encourage the pony to drink, they went to a neighbouring farm to call the RSPCA, who took him in.

    He regained weight in RSPCA care, and has just been transferred to a permanent home at Redwings, where he has been named Derek.

    Derek the rescued foal

    Derek makes new friends at Redwings

    Christine McNeil, the RSPCA inspector in attendance, paid tribute to ramblers’ actions: “We are reliant on the public to alert us to animals in distress and in this instance their practical help was invaluable.”

    Derek is now making good progress.

    Derek the rescued foal

    Derek was only 2 days old when he was rescued, but is settling into his new home

    Redwings senior welfare coordinator Rachel Angell said: “Sadly Derek’s story is not an isolated incident, we are increasingly seeing male foals being heartlessly abandoned.

    “We are so pleased that we were able to give this lovely young pony the future he was so nearly deprived of.”

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