‘Legendary’ donkey dies in his 40s

  • A ‘legendary’ and popular donkey has died after a life spanning decades.

    Much-loved Two-Stroke of Lavant House Stables in Chichester was thought to be well into his 40s when he passed away earlier this week (25 January).

    The stable star came to the riding school from Ireland and had since won hundreds of fans.

    “He wasn’t your average donkey,” Lucy Thomson, owner of Lavant House Stables, told H&H.

    “Believed well into his 40s by our vet, he arrived via our Irish dealer and won many fans and followers from our client base of more than 400 people.

    “He also became infamous amongst the local press and equestrian community.”

    Ms Thomson described Two-Stroke as “highly intelligent”.

    “He was able to communicate with humans through his behaviour and had free range of our entire premises, which included the club room, office and reception areas,” she said.

    “He also had his own online blog.”

    Two-Stroke’s Donkey Diary on the Lavant House Stables began in August 2015.

    Since then his humorous entries included a variety of topics, from new arrivals and grumpy girlfriends to stealing bananas and old age.

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    Ms Thomson added that Two-Stroke will be greatly missed by all at the riding school.

    “There has been a lot of reaction to his death because he touched so many people and he was always everywhere, but also maybe because we all just thought he would go on forever,” she said.

    “He was a legendary donkey with a wise head on his shoulders and a heart of gold. We will all miss him very much and were so lucky to have such a character.”

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